Another Timeline and Another Round of Negotiations

Mahmoud Abbas delivering the request for the recognization of Palestine as a state

The same story and once again, the re-launching of the previously re-launched round of negotiations. Nothing has changed, the same corrupt faces representing the Palestinian side, and the same racist Russian (Lieberman) on the other end of the table, perhaps time is the only thing that has changed. It’s been 20 years since these negotiations have started, and no one from the participants have noticed that they have failed miserably, either they lost touch with reality trying to revive a process that has died long and is probably rotten right now, or they simply enjoy it and benefit from it.

Madrid, Oslo, Camp David, Taba, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Jericho, Annapolis, Washington, and -newly added to this list- New York. Every one of these cities had its share from these unfruitful negotiations, that have failed so far to achieve anything, they only made life worse on both sides of the borders, the Israeli officials are not going to give up on their terms and conditions, the Palestinian negotiators are convinced that life is negotiations, or so claims the Palestinian top negotiator Saeb Erekat, who was willing to give up on the most important right in the Palestinian cause which is the right of return, neglecting the fact that the Palestinian cause is more about the right of return and the refugees, than it is on that of a state.

The Quartet set a new time-line for this round of re-launching the negotiations that is the end of 2012, last year’s time-line for it was set at September 2011, and the re-launching stopped one month later due to Israeli refusal to halt building in Settlements. The Palestinian street have had it with these negotiations, everyone was convinced they are a waste of time and lost hope of any change taking place. Aside from that, the American sponsorship of the negotiations -that is totally biased to the Israeli side, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad ones- makes it impossible to achieve anything through these empty meetings.

Mideast Quaretet

It’s about time that those who negotiate in our names start realizing that they are not representing us but themselves and their interests, and that the two-states solution has failed miserably due to many reasons, one of many is that the settlers are the power driving the state of Israel and no Israeli leader can evacuate a single settler, and there are now about 500 thousand settler settling in the West Bank and Jerusalem, another is that no Israeli leader is going to give up on East Jerusalem, and finally no Israeli leader is going to approve on the right of return. That’s why we should work on the bi-national state solution, one secular and democratic state that assures everyone’s equal rights. We Palestinians should keep up the unarmed resistance against the occupation and start fighting for equal civil and social rights along with the right of return, because this is the solution not the negotiations, and definitely not through the Palestinian Authority and the current government of Israel.