Goodbye 2011

To a year that was good beyond imagination, I say thank you. 2011 was not any normal year that passes by, it’s a year when history was re-written. A year that for anyone who lived the events and changes it brought to us will never forget, I never thought or imagined I would witness revolutions sweeping the Middle East not even in my wildest dreams, apparently 2011 stated it was time for the change everyone was waiting for so long.
On a personal level 2011 had its ups and downs, it’s the year that changed my life, I started my blog, and found myself in writing, it’s the year I became active on twitter, it’s the year I met many people who inspired me, changed me, I had hope restored to me.

Thank you 2011 for being that great year we all were waiting for, but more importantly I want to thank the people who took their destinies in their hands, demanding their stolen rights, demanding the better living they deserve, thank you Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain for showing us what the simple citizen can do. Thank you you brave humans who refused to keep living in the shadows of life, thank you for bringing back to me the hope that I had lost. Thank you for proving the world wrong, that we are not a dead nation, that we are alive just like anyone else, that we are free, thank you from the future generations who will look back and realize that the freedom, democracy, and decent living they have, were nothing but the result of the sacrifices made during this year.

In 2011 the first refugee came back to Palestine though for a short period of time, but it proved that the right of return is nonnegotiable, and is not some fairy-tale, it proved to the world that 63 years later and we haven’t forgotten, it proved that Ben-Gurion who said that in two generations we will forget was wrong, it proved that the right of return will seize to being a dream and become a reality.

I hope that 2012 goes on the same tracks like its predecessor 2011, and becomes the year of Democracy for the countries that revolted, and to help the Syrians win their country back and remove the dictatorship that was established on their bodies.


A World of Hypocrisy

I can’t stop thinking how the world is hypocritical place, the whole world remembers a tragical event that occurred a decade ago but refuses to acknowledge other events that were just as tragic maybe even more. This includes the various news outlets and also the countries of the globe.

The whole world remembered the tragic events that occurred on the 11th of September, but how many remembered the tragic events of Sabra and Shatila? Are they out of fashion? Or is the blood of some people worth more than others? The whole world insists on talking about the horrible events that happened that day in New York, but what about Sabra and Shatila isn’t the massacring of innocent people just because they were of Palestinian origin less horrible?

The Palestinian people have their 11th of September in daily doses by occupation forces, and settlers who for some reason are never called terrorists no matter what they do, burning olive trees “Promotion of peace and accepting the other”. But does the world remember that? This is why the world the countries and the news sources are hypocritical, though some people just prefer to call it “Diplomacy”.

My message to the world is the following: a tragedy is a tragedy, no matter who imposed it upon who with no difference in color, ethnicity, nationality or religion. Let’s not forget Sabra and Shatila and those who died because someone made the decision that they should pay for it.

9 Reasons why I oppose the September bid

Corruption at it's best

I thought for a long time how do I feel about this September bid and what’s going to happen afterwards, I reached to the conclusion that I oppose it, and anyone with the minimum amount of patriotism should oppose it. I have many reasons but I decided to write ten main reasons that will explain why I am totally against this bid. Although I dream day and night about a state where I get my full rights, the state the Palestinian Authority is calling for doesn’t represent me as a Palestinian.

What does the bid means?

The bid means that the Palestinian Authority will get a full membership in the United Nations General Assembly and that’s about it, in other words this is one of those “symbolic moves” that are good for nothing. A way for the PA to say we achieved something, when on the ground nothing is going to change.

The Palestinian Authority

One of the reasons I oppose the September bid is due to the fact that PA is involved in it. The Palestinian Authority had a long history in “peace negotiations” that for the past 20 years didn’t achieve anything on the ground, and made the daily lives of the average Palestinian much worse than under the Israeli control. The Palestinian Authority are a bunch of elitist who imposed themselves as the speakers and representatives of the Palestinian people claiming exclusive rights to negotiate and give up everything the Palestinians had ever fought for.

The Israeli Occupation

According to international law Israel is responsible for everything in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem. From education and healthcare to employment, the September bid as well as the Oslo agreement spares the Israeli government from its responsibilities towards the Palestinian people living under occupation.

The Palestinian State

The Palestinian state which will be composed of the West Bank and Gaza doesn’t have any resources and is totally dependant on foreign aid money which when the state is born will stop flowing, have no means of production and thus can’t be sustained financially. Also the Israelis collect the tax money on behalf of the Palestinian Authority and can cut it at anytime, depending on the political situation which means that no steady financing is available.

The Settlements

The fact that there are more than 500 thousand settlers in the West Bank and Jerusalem makes it impossible to neglect their presence. The settlers or the national religious community that believes it’s their duty to be present in the West Bank and Jerusalem won’t give up easily, they control the Israeli government and they have a very big effect on the Israeli politics and politicians, and the government will try to satisfy them by any means necessary.

The Corruption

The Palestinian Authority had a long history of corruption since it’s foundation, and those affiliated with it (mostly Fatah members) makes it unreliable to lead the peace process or to represent the Palestinian people in the international community, and the fact that all those benefiting from the PA’s presence are all elitists living in mansions with nothing to tie them with the average Palestinian who has to struggle in daily life through checkpoints, and in getting bread for his family.

The Daily Lives of the Palestinians

This will cut the connection between families whether they are inside the green line, or in the West Bank, or in Gaza. One who lives in Nazareth will be required to cross the borders to get to Ramallah to visit relatives or one who is in Bethlehem will have to cross into Israel to visit family members in Gaza. Aside from the negligence of the refugees abroad and their sufferings in the camps.

The Giving Up on the Right of Return

The continuation in following the September bid will make it impossible for the refugees to return to the houses they left back in 1948, and that means the killing of the real Palestinian cause which is the refugees and their right to return.

What’s Going to Happen Afterwards?

So far the Palestinian Authority didn’t involve the Palestinians in the decision making process and is acting according to their needs, and they forgot that they are not selling a house, they are selling everything even things that don’t belong to them. The PA didn’t make it clear for their options after the bid, and what are their next moves. Not to mention that they did not explain to the people how will the process happen, considering it’s the future of a people they’re messing with.

No to the September bid, and no to the Palestinian Authority.