From Jerusalem to the world

Dear Reader,

I am Al-Quds, you probably don’t know me or never heard of me. My English name is Jerusalem, they say I am sacred but I don’t feel so. I feel rather oppressed and raped without any sanctity, and my gates are not to keep anyone out, I feel more like a whore. My relatives dumped me, and those who took me don’t know anything about me they lost me and cried that I am dead. Then there are those who claim my ownership and that they have more right in me than others: like a slave, bought and sold. They changed the names of my roads, streets, and neighborhoods. Even the people and their names were changed.  My natives suffered and are still suffering the worst. Some whose floors collapsed discovering cities running under their houses, others discovered that the houses they live in are not actually theirs, but most of them realized that they are just guests at their cousins.

Aside from that the jungle laws are applied among the natives: survival of the fittest. The tribe became the source of power to protect people, like the dark ages, and everyone is scared and feels unsecured, and so the tribe fills that void. That’s the situation no law applies, and the city is being emptied from it’s intellectuals and the situation only gets worse.

Now I want to briefly introduce some of my natives. Abu Maalouf is a man forbidden from travel and lives in a decent house open to all visitors, he is in his mid-fifties and has an amazing way of telling stories some are funny and some are sad. Abu Maalouf is always busy though he is unemployed, and he knows about me and my history more than anyone with titles or degrees who claims to represent me. Abu Hasan is an illiterate, he is in his early eighties sits at the coffee shop most of the time and has more wisdom that any of those claiming leadership of my natives.

Now you got to know me and heard some of my stories, tell them to those you know and let them know about me. Don’t forget me, my natives, or my stories, and always remember that my natives are more important than my stones and buildings, because if they were to be uprooted, I will become Yerushalayim. Promise that you will ask about me, stay in contact with me, and come and visit me if you can without paying attention to those who will call you names, I don’t want anything more from you.

P.S. Anyone who says that I have a twin sister living next to me is a liar, and all characters mentioned in this letter are real but names were changed to keep their privacy.

Thank you for listening to my story.


لأجلك يا مدينة الصلاة نُدون – Blog4Quds#

Al-Quds - Damascus Gate 1857

briefly introduce some of


24 years and a lot has changed

24 years ago, on the 8th of December 1987, the first intifada started and it spread like fire in dried wood. It was the first episode of what is known these days as the “Arab Spring”. The Palestinians have risen up as a whole body, unified, and from all aspects of life, to say no to oppression, and no to the occupation. It all started with the policies Israel adopted so as to deter the Palestinians from resisting against their occupiers, that included house demolitions, building settlements, and the confiscation of land. The intifada was very much like we see today in the Arab countries – civil movements without heads but with extreme force.

The PLO had already lost it’s glamor, due to their “tactic withdrawal” from Beirut in 1982, and subsequent residence in Tunis, and they were even more furious that such a powerful movement had developed and they had no hand in it. To the heads of the PLO that was unacceptable, and soon enough the PLO presented itself as the leader of this movement. The Intifada in its composition was formed from all parts of the Palestinian society – those in the front-line were the Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem. Nonetheless, ’48’ Palestinians had their share. They were direct supporters with money, food, and clothes. Palestinians from all corners of society participated and were all unified. Men and women, young and old, they stood up courageously against Israel with all its brutality, armed with their rights and the stones of this land.

Israel practiced what was later to be known as the “bone-breaking policy”, which consisted of extreme brutality towards the Palestinians and treating them as subhumans. Those arrested were tortured on the spot with no regard for age, sex, or religion, they were all treated “equally”. At the same time the Palestinians fought a brave battle for 4 years, starting with mass scale riots, to long term strikes. I myself was born during the Intifada and I remember all the stories I heard from my parents and my grandmother about that era, the longest strike was 6 months, during which not a store was opened.

24 years later and everything has changed

24 years later a martyr dies and no one cares, homes are still demolished and yet not a single voice is raised. The PLO managed to ride on the wave of the Intifada and crossed everything that was ever marked as a red line. Settlements have multiplied so much that there’s no word yet to describe it, and us? Well we cheer for less than 20% of historical Palestine, we don’t think the right of return is applicable so we’ll just drop it. We do think that Hamas-Fatah unity is going to change everything and make our lives a little bit better, we have decided to become very peaceful and take tips from our oppressors on how to become better people. We think that people like Abbas or Saeb Erekat are those who should represent us, why? Because they have been doing this so long that they have become good at it! A bid in the UN is the way to solve all our problems, we still believe Yaser Arafat is the best leader we have ever had and refuse to admit that our failure to progress is because of his arrogance, and because he was in fact nothing more than a demagogue.

Maybe we should wake up and try to follow the Arab Spring we’ve started, maybe we should start caring again, maybe it should not be ordinary or routine if a martyr falls, or a house is demolished, or a citizen arrested. Maybe we should start loving each other again, and just hate those who hate us and those who claim to represent us for their own benefits. I hope that we wake up before its too late, I also hope that we free our movement from those who hijacked it. I hope that we free ourselves from these false hopes and poisoned thoughts we filled ourselves with.

During the Intifada a Palestinian in Gaza

Dissolve the Palestinian Authority #DissolveThePA

The Palestinian Authority was born on 1994 as a result of the Oslo agreement between Israel and the PLO under Yasser Arafat. The intention was that the PA would assume control of West Bank and Gaza and start preparing for the creation of the state of Palestine, until Isaac Rabin was assassinated by an Israeli rightist.

Since its formation the PA was involved in corruption, and the daily lives of the average Palestinians only became worse, many people dropped their private owned jobs to work for the PA, and those involved in the security forces of the PA which are estimated to be around 300 thousand. And as we can see that Israel can simply stop the flow of tax money that they collect on the PA’s behalf, and this means that no salaries are to be paid in that month.

The PA has worked tirelessly on making Ramallah the center for their achievements and to be the political capital of Palestine, and you can see the new buildings, the amazing streets, that’s why Ramallah became a bubble to impress its visitors that it’s flourishing under the PA administration. One has to go to the other cities and towns in the West Bank to see what life is really like.

The West Bank has all the requirements for a revolution, unemployment is very high, poverty was reported to be close to 79%, and a dictatorship was already established in the West Bank and Gaza before any state could be achieved. The Fateh-Hamas governments have established horror regimes based on torture, prisons, security services, and getting involved in the private life of people, a bunch of elitists control everything with no regard to the people’s demands or regards. A theocracy in Gaza, and a typical Arabic dictatorship in the West Bank with stupid laws showing up every now and then. The people must take the initiative of bringing the PA to an end, and restore freedom to themselves.

The West Bank proved to be a puppet for the Israeli occupation doing their job, arresting and interrogating people on behalf of Israel, their will to drop the right of return which is the base of the Palestinian cause, and the readiness to give up Jerusalem. And at the same time Gaza proved that it’s just another Iran but over looking the Mediterranean, arresting activists on no legal base and against every law, the extreme precautions they take, and the involvement in the people’s private issues such as forcing hijab, and forbidding women to smoke shisha in public.

The Israeli occupation must get back to doing what it has to do, and what the situation was like before the PA’s creation, in which the occupation had to provide health care, education, and even jobs for those living under it’s authority. Because the PA is just making it easier and comfortable for the Israelis with their existence, and then with the natural evolution of things we’ll end up enforcing the one state solution, because no other solution makes sense other than that.