Because Libya also deserves freedom

As the tension in the Middle East keeps on rising, regimes are shaking as well. After the Tunisian revolution people were amazed, and started envying the Tunisians for their courage, and their ability to overthrow the dictator Zine Al-Abideen Ben-Ali who ruled the country for 23-years with a firm fist preventing any form of free speech or opposition, they all wished for something similar to happen in their countries, and every regime in the Arab countries claimed they were not Tunisia. On the 18th of January, the Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Abul-Gheit downplayed fears that a Tunisian-style popular revolt

A protest calling for Gaddafi to step down

A protest calling for Gaddafi to step down

could spread to other Arab countries, calling it “nonsense”. And we have seen

what happened next! The Egyptian people toppled the regime in 18 days, forcing the Egyptian president for 30 years Mohammed Hosni Mubarak to resign, and he chose the city of Sharm El-Cheikh, overseeing the Red Sea to spend his last days.

The people again looked in amazement at the Egyptian success, and how their glorious revolution inspired not only Arabs, but the whole wide world. The domino effect became faster, last week we have seen the beginnings of protests in Bahrain, Libya, and Yemen. The governments tried to suppress these protests violently resulting many deaths. The most brutal and violent of all occurred in Libya, on Friday Benghazi and the easter area in Libya have seen violent clashes, the Gaddafi regime has shown it’s real ugly face. Reports kept on coming of African mercenaries shooting and killing the protesters, and the picture started to get clear, Gaddafi has hired African mercenaries to suppress the protests, the mercenaries had a visible shoot-to-kill policy, eyewitnesses reported that most deaths occurred from shots in the head or in the chest.

Apparently Gaddafi decided to break the Arabic protocol for suppressing a protest, which we have seen examples of, starting with  firing tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons, and finally live ammunition. If all these measures fail withdraw your troops, create chaos, and let loose all the prisoners. This way people will see the unfelt benefits of the old regime, and head back home. Unfortunately for Arab dictators the people are not as stupid as they thought, the people have self organized, created security committees, and neighborhood watches. Gaddafi decided to skip the tear gas and rubber bullets,  and go straight to the live ammunition part. Yesterday in the city of Benghazi, Gaddafi launched a full scale attack on the city of Benghazi. The attack that

The ex-president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak and the ruler of Libya Col. Gaddafi

was carried out by the army with the aid of the African mercenaries, consisted of heavy artillery fired on the people, mortars, machine guns, they even used Anti-Aircraft machine guns, this left more than 300 deaths and thousands of injured, I personally think this was an attack of desperation, and that would be a sign that the regime is shaking, and if this had any effect on the protesters it only made them more determent to topple the regime, and some even called for the execution of Gaddafi.

Gaddafi who has been in power for 42-years and is considered the oldest ruler in the Middle East, is not popular in the western world, starting with his close relationship with the late Soviet Union at the times of the cold war, the Lockerbie attack in 1988 where Pan Am Flight 103 crashed as a result of a terrorist bomb, and the United States bombing of Libya. Until in 2003 when Libya agreed to settle the Lockerbie case and accepted full responsibility and compensating the casualties, and agreed to dismantle the Libyan nuclear program. And that’s when Gaddafi became closer to the west, and Europe.

We may wonder now in all this mess why is it that we are not hearing anything from president Obama, unlike the support he showed for Egyptian protesters. Although it is no secret that Egypt is the center of the Arab world politics, Obama backed the protesters and we would see him every couple of days expressing his solidarity and calls for change standing up on the USA’s longtime ally in the region. Libya has something the world needs badly, and can’t afford to risk it, and you can guess what that is! It’s Oil, Libya has very big reserves of Oil and that’s why we won’t see Mr. Obama calling for change in Libya aside from the usual “People have the right to protest and express their Opinion”