The aftermath of the killing of Osama Bin Laden

The head of Al-Qaeda organization was killed today by the US special forces in northern Pakistan, after ten years in hiding Osama Bin Laden was found and killed, this could be the best gift President Obama can get for his re-election’s campaign he can finally rest since he had achieved something in his first term, but what’s going to happen after the death of Bin Laden?

Well one can say that the American war on terror just folded an episode in its war against terrorism, but will this be for better or worse? At first sight one might think that Al-Qaeda will become weaker and they will gradually die, but an example we had is Saddam’s death which had a minimal affect on the Iraqi resistance, but since Bin Laden was the main source of financial support for Al-Qaeda then we may see fewer operations and this will cause a setback, but this doesn’t mean the organization will cease to exist, after all Al-Qaeda still has many members scattered around the world, some are active and some are sleeping cells ready for a sign, but let’s hope that this puts an end to the ideology that Al-Qaeda followed and developed that resulted in the death of many innocents.

Now a darker scenario rises which is what if Al-Qaeda had nuclear weapons, we already know that they wouldn’t hesitate to blow them up, and what if the order has been given? The world should be alert and ready for a wave of terrorist attacks that could go anywhere targeting anyone because these people don’t care about race, religion, beliefs or anything like that, they want to spread their ideology no matter at what cost!

The end of an era!