A World of Hypocrisy

I can’t stop thinking how the world is hypocritical place, the whole world remembers a tragical event that occurred a decade ago but refuses to acknowledge other events that were just as tragic maybe even more. This includes the various news outlets and also the countries of the globe.

The whole world remembered the tragic events that occurred on the 11th of September, but how many remembered the tragic events of Sabra and Shatila? Are they out of fashion? Or is the blood of some people worth more than others? The whole world insists on talking about the horrible events that happened that day in New York, but what about Sabra and Shatila isn’t the massacring of innocent people just because they were of Palestinian origin less horrible?

The Palestinian people have their 11th of September in daily doses by occupation forces, and settlers who for some reason are never called terrorists no matter what they do, burning olive trees “Promotion of peace and accepting the other”. But does the world remember that? This is why the world the countries and the news sources are hypocritical, though some people just prefer to call it “Diplomacy”.

My message to the world is the following: a tragedy is a tragedy, no matter who imposed it upon who with no difference in color, ethnicity, nationality or religion. Let’s not forget Sabra and Shatila and those who died because someone made the decision that they should pay for it.