A look in the sectarianism of a “Secular” regime

The Syrian regime has claimed since 1973 to be a “Secular” one, but the truth is it is not. A peak at this regimes officials, army officers, and government employees shows that this regime is 100% sectarian with the Alawite minority in control. The Alawites constitute 11-12% of the population in Syria and yet they hold all the important positions in the state including the army, which makes one wonder is that really a secular regime as it calls itself? I must note that the Alawites have the captured all the joints of the state from the government to the businessmen they all run the state and their fist is spread all over the country.

And just like any militaristic regime in the Middle East, the Syrian one only understands violence as a mean to get what it wants, and we can see that clearly with the way the regime handled the protests in Syria since day one it started killing, massacring, and slaughtering the peaceful protesters who for the first time broke the walls of fear and started practicing their freedom of speech. Yes there is a blood bath going on in Syria but in that blood bath we are also witnessing the birth of freedom, as any birth lots of blood is shed in the delivering process. Now are we going to see any revenge based on religion in Syria mainly targeting the Alawite minority after the revolution succeeds? I wish I could say no and lie, unless the Alawite minority decides to take a stance and support the revolution in Syria, and distance itself from the regime that is killing in their name, then the vengeance scenario is more likely to happen.

The Syrian regime did tolerate religious minorities but at the same time showed zero tolerance to political movements that were against the Ba’athist agenda, and what good is secularism when no democracy exists and vice versa. We must note on the sectarianism of the Syrian regime would be what the Russian foreign minister said that Russia won’t allow a Sunni regime to replace the current one, here we must understand what did Sergey Lavrov mean by Sunni regime, did he mean an extreme Islamic regime like the one in Saudi Arabia or a normal regime that replaces the Alawite one.

But in the end the revolution was born to win and live on, and no matter how much violence the regime uses against the protesters it won’t be able to stop what has started. The people’s movement will win because that’s the only natural result, as for Assad’s future I can only say that his end will be much worse than that of Gaddafi’s and then no one will shed a tear over him.


Palestinians for Syria

21/01/12 is the Global Day Of Rage For Syria

A peaceful revolution…a revolution against foreign intervention…a revolution against sectarianism and factions.This is the revolution of the Syrian people we know.

For ten months now the Syrian people have marched towards freedom and we have no doubt that they will achieve their liberation. For this reason we see it as a duty to warn them of the dangers of foreign intervention and to express our support for their peaceful revolution against sectarianism and factions.

For ten months the Syrian people have marched steadily towards freedom, despite the criminal oppression of Bashar al-Assad’s regime which uses weapons against its own people, instead of using them to liberate their occupied land, and despite the disagreements among their representatives whom the people gave trust in.

For ten months the Syrian people have marched towards freedom as martyr after martyr is sacrificed, which has only strengthened their resolve and steadfastness to continue their march.


For ten months the Syrian people have marched towards freedom as the world analyzes the meanings behind slogans raised in protests, and satellite channels have garnered more viewers with the increase in bloodshed and murders. The media sells to its viewers talks of a conspiracy or of a civil war, and many powers, sells us their support to freedom or democracy in the Middle East, when they never did. We are confident that these plots will fail and be crushed under the feet of the Syrian Arab People.

Ten months and we have avoided watching the disfigured bodies and the brave women who do not fear facing the live ammunition. Ten months and we chose which channel to hear from about the news of 30, 70, 100 martyrs of Syria, which made us ashamed from our miserable show of solidarity, as at the end of every day dozens of families lose their sons and daughters, with seemingly no one to share their pain with.

We, Palestinian activists and bloggers, on the Global Day of Rage for Syrian Revolution, stress our support for the brave revolutionary Syrians. We strongly reject manipulating the Palestinian cause as a cover under which the Syrian martyrs’ bodies are brushed under and stamped upon by Bashar al-Assad’s regime. It is true we must think logically about the dynamics of the Syrian revolution, but we must put the overwrought analyses aside, because the cost is the blood of our Syrian brothers and sisters. We reiterate our support for the peaceful Syrian revolution and its rejection of foreign intervention amidst the threats of sectarianism, as without our solidarity and faith we have no right in theorizing and preaching to the Syrians who are being murdered one after the other.

We all are Syria

Goodbye 2011

To a year that was good beyond imagination, I say thank you. 2011 was not any normal year that passes by, it’s a year when history was re-written. A year that for anyone who lived the events and changes it brought to us will never forget, I never thought or imagined I would witness revolutions sweeping the Middle East not even in my wildest dreams, apparently 2011 stated it was time for the change everyone was waiting for so long.
On a personal level 2011 had its ups and downs, it’s the year that changed my life, I started my blog, and found myself in writing, it’s the year I became active on twitter, it’s the year I met many people who inspired me, changed me, I had hope restored to me.

Thank you 2011 for being that great year we all were waiting for, but more importantly I want to thank the people who took their destinies in their hands, demanding their stolen rights, demanding the better living they deserve, thank you Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain for showing us what the simple citizen can do. Thank you you brave humans who refused to keep living in the shadows of life, thank you for bringing back to me the hope that I had lost. Thank you for proving the world wrong, that we are not a dead nation, that we are alive just like anyone else, that we are free, thank you from the future generations who will look back and realize that the freedom, democracy, and decent living they have, were nothing but the result of the sacrifices made during this year.

In 2011 the first refugee came back to Palestine though for a short period of time, but it proved that the right of return is nonnegotiable, and is not some fairy-tale, it proved to the world that 63 years later and we haven’t forgotten, it proved that Ben-Gurion who said that in two generations we will forget was wrong, it proved that the right of return will seize to being a dream and become a reality.

I hope that 2012 goes on the same tracks like its predecessor 2011, and becomes the year of Democracy for the countries that revolted, and to help the Syrians win their country back and remove the dictatorship that was established on their bodies.

Statement in solidarity with Razan Ghazzawi

(English follows Arabic)

نحن مجموعة من المدونين والناشطين الشباب الفلسطينيين نطلق صرختنا مرة أخرى تضامنًا مع كافة معتقلي الثورة السورية العظيمة جميعهم/ن من ناشطين/ات، فنانين/ات، مدونيين/ات وغيرهم الذين أطلقوا ولا زالوا يطلقون أصواتهم عاليًا في الشارع وعبر المنصات المختلفة مطالبين بالحريّة والعدالة ووقف الظلم والاستبداد وسياسة كم الأفواه الذي يتبعها النظام السوري منذ ما يزيد عن أربعة عقود سنوات.

نطلق بياننا هذا، تضامناً معهم ومع المدونة السورية رزان الغزاوي والتي لم يتوقف يومًا دعمها ومساندتها للقضية الفلسطينية، وكانت أول من تضامن مع المدونين الفلسطينيين الذين لم يحصلوا على تأشيرات دخول للمشاركة في مؤتمر المدونين العرب الأخير في تونس. وكانت رزان قد نشرت تدوينة لها في العام 2008 إبان الحرب على غزة بعنوان “حول فكرة “التضامن” مع غزة”، قائلة: أفهم أن يتضامن سكّان كوبا والبرازيل وباكستان مع غزّة، لكنّني لا أفهم حين يتضامن السوريون واللبنانيون والأردنيون لا بل الفلسطينيون في الشتات مع غّزة، فماذا يُقصد بالتضامن هنا؟”.

لا نتضامن مع رزان الغزاوي و150 معتقلة سورية وكلّ المعتقلين فقط، بل نعلن أن مصيرنا وهمّنا ونضالنا واحد، وأنه لا يمكن لفلسطين أن تتحرر لطالما بقيت شعوبنا العربية تعيش تحت الأنظمة الرجعية والظالمة، وأن فلسطين ستكون حرّة حين ستكون سوريا حرّة والشعب السوري يعيش بكرامة.

الحريّة لكلّ المعتقلين في سجون النظام السوري. وتحيا الثورة السورية، حرّة من الدكتاتورية، و ومن التدخّل الخارجي، ومن الطائفية.


اباء رزق

أبرار عقيل

أحمد فاهوم

أحمد نمر

ارين ناصر

أسامة شومر

أسامة غراب

أسماء الغول

أماني اغبارية

أمل مرتجى

أنس حمرا

بدور حسن

بشار لبد

ثمينة حصري

جلال أبو خاطر

حمزة البحيصي

خالد الشهابي

دالية عثمان

داليا غراب

دعاء علي

ديانا الزير

ديما السعافين

رشا حلوة

روان أبو شهلا

سائد كرزون

صالح دوابشة

عبير قبطي

علا عنان

علاء أبو دياب

علي أبونعمة

علي باري

علي المصري

عمرة عمرة

فداء أبو عاصي

لينة السعافين

مجد كيال

محمد جرادات

مريم البرغوتي

معاذ مصلح

مها رزق

ميرا البابا

ميرا النابلسي

ميساء عزايزة

نادر الخزندار

نادين درويش

نالان السراج

نسرين مزاوي

نهال العلمي

هلا الصفدي

هناء محاميد

هويدا عراف

يسرى جاموس

We, a group of Palestinian bloggers and activists raise our voices loud and clear in solidarity with all the prisoners of the Great Syrian Revolution. We stand with all the prisoners, activists, artists, bloggers and others, all who are shouting in the streets or on various platforms demanding freedom and justice, while decrying the huge amount on injustice and oppression practiced by the Syrian regime for more than four decades.

We issue this statement in solidarity with all those Syrian activists, and with the blogger Razan Ghazzawi who was arrested on December 4th, on the Jordanian-Syrian crossing border. Razan was adamant in her support for the Palestinian cause. She was the first to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian bloggers who were not granted a visa to enter Tunisia in order to participate in the Arab Bloggers Conference. Razan posted a blog in 2008 during the massacre on Gaza titled, “The Idea of Solidarity with Gaza.” She wrote, “I understand when Cubans, Brazilians, and Pakistanies stand in solidarity with Gaza. But what I do not understand is when Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, and also Palestinians in exile stand in solidarity. What is the meaning of solidarity in this context?”

Not only do we stand in solidarity with Razan and the other prisoners, but we also affirm that our destiny is one, our concerns are one, and our struggle is one. Palestine can never be free while the Arab people live under repressive and reactionary regimes. The road to a free Palestine comes with a free Syria, in which Syrians live in dignity.

Freedom to all of the prisoners in the Syrian regime’s cells. Long live the Syrian Revolution, free from dictatorship, sectarianism, and foreign intervention.


Abir Kopty

Abrar Agil

Ahmed Fahoum

Ahmed Nimer

Alaa Abu Diab

Ali Abunimah

Ali AlMasri

Ali Bari

Amal Murtaja

Amani Ighbaria

Amra Amra

Anas Hamra

Asmaa AlGhoul

Bashar Lubbad

Budour Hasan

Dalia Ghorab

Dalia Othman

Deema AlSaafin

Diana Alzeer

Doa Ali

Fidaa Abu Assi

Hala AlSafadi

Hamza Elbuhaisi

Hanaa Mahameed

Huwaida Arraf

Ebaa Rezeq

Irene Nasser

Jalal AbuKhater

Khaled AlShihabi

Linah AlSaafin

Maath Musleh

Maha Rezeq

Maisaa Azayzeh

Majd Kayyal

Mariam Al-Barghouti

Meera AlBaba

Mira Nabulsi

Mohamed Jaradat

Nader Al-Khuzundar

Nadine Darwish

Nalan Al Sarraj

Nihal ElAlami

Nisreen Mazzawi

Ola Anan

Osama Ghorab

Osama Shomar

Rasha Hilwi

Rowan Abu-Shahla

Saed Karzoun

Saleh Dawabsheh

Thameena Husary

Yusra Jamous

24 years and a lot has changed

24 years ago, on the 8th of December 1987, the first intifada started and it spread like fire in dried wood. It was the first episode of what is known these days as the “Arab Spring”. The Palestinians have risen up as a whole body, unified, and from all aspects of life, to say no to oppression, and no to the occupation. It all started with the policies Israel adopted so as to deter the Palestinians from resisting against their occupiers, that included house demolitions, building settlements, and the confiscation of land. The intifada was very much like we see today in the Arab countries – civil movements without heads but with extreme force.

The PLO had already lost it’s glamor, due to their “tactic withdrawal” from Beirut in 1982, and subsequent residence in Tunis, and they were even more furious that such a powerful movement had developed and they had no hand in it. To the heads of the PLO that was unacceptable, and soon enough the PLO presented itself as the leader of this movement. The Intifada in its composition was formed from all parts of the Palestinian society – those in the front-line were the Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem. Nonetheless, ’48’ Palestinians had their share. They were direct supporters with money, food, and clothes. Palestinians from all corners of society participated and were all unified. Men and women, young and old, they stood up courageously against Israel with all its brutality, armed with their rights and the stones of this land.

Israel practiced what was later to be known as the “bone-breaking policy”, which consisted of extreme brutality towards the Palestinians and treating them as subhumans. Those arrested were tortured on the spot with no regard for age, sex, or religion, they were all treated “equally”. At the same time the Palestinians fought a brave battle for 4 years, starting with mass scale riots, to long term strikes. I myself was born during the Intifada and I remember all the stories I heard from my parents and my grandmother about that era, the longest strike was 6 months, during which not a store was opened.

24 years later and everything has changed

24 years later a martyr dies and no one cares, homes are still demolished and yet not a single voice is raised. The PLO managed to ride on the wave of the Intifada and crossed everything that was ever marked as a red line. Settlements have multiplied so much that there’s no word yet to describe it, and us? Well we cheer for less than 20% of historical Palestine, we don’t think the right of return is applicable so we’ll just drop it. We do think that Hamas-Fatah unity is going to change everything and make our lives a little bit better, we have decided to become very peaceful and take tips from our oppressors on how to become better people. We think that people like Abbas or Saeb Erekat are those who should represent us, why? Because they have been doing this so long that they have become good at it! A bid in the UN is the way to solve all our problems, we still believe Yaser Arafat is the best leader we have ever had and refuse to admit that our failure to progress is because of his arrogance, and because he was in fact nothing more than a demagogue.

Maybe we should wake up and try to follow the Arab Spring we’ve started, maybe we should start caring again, maybe it should not be ordinary or routine if a martyr falls, or a house is demolished, or a citizen arrested. Maybe we should start loving each other again, and just hate those who hate us and those who claim to represent us for their own benefits. I hope that we wake up before its too late, I also hope that we free our movement from those who hijacked it. I hope that we free ourselves from these false hopes and poisoned thoughts we filled ourselves with.

During the Intifada a Palestinian in Gaza

Palestine Refugee Revolution #MAY15


Website with video testimonies or stories of / about Nakba Survivors

Announcements #Mar15 – Middle East

May 10, 2011: 8 PM
Screening “This is my picture when I was dead”

Palestine Freedom March – JERUSALEM

Tuesday,  May 10 2011 at  3:00 PM
قريتي الدامون والرويس الهجرتين
نقطة التجمّع: مدخل قرية كابول ( عين الدامون ) الساعة الثالثة بعد الظهر تنطلق المسيرة في تمام الساعة الثالثة والنصف بعد الظهر

May 14, 2011
Israeli Arabs invited to take part in Nakba march

Date : May 12, 2011  starting at 7:00PM
Location: Friends International Center in Ramallah (FICR)
A Poem and Musical Event to commemorate the Nakba

Several cultural events in honor of the Nakba

Several cultural events in honor of the Nakba

All Arabs to March on Israel on May 15th
more info

Egyptians to mark Nakba with a march to Palestine
More info and participating organisations

May 15-21, 2011
Street: Tahrir Square – Cairo
more info 1more info 2

Friday, May 13, 2011
Qaed Ibrahim Mosque
Alexandria MB’s Organizes Conference Supporting Palestine

May 15,  12:00 PM
Maroun Al Ras

Sunday, May 15 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm



Date: Sat. May 14, 2011 8 PM (20h)
Location: Serdika cultural hause, Krakra str, 2A

Protest in solidarity with Palestine:
Date: Sun. May 15, 2011 4PM-6PM (16h)
Location: Metro station “Serdika” near the mean branche of “Unicreditbulbank”
The procession will start at 4:30PM and will reach NDK (The National Palast of Culture)

For updates : Join our profile in Facebook in Bulgarian language –“Third Palestinian Intifada Bulgarian Supporters” and in Arabic – “Third Palestinian Intifada Bulgaria”
e-mail: alhafid@abv.bg

Announcements #Mar15 – Europe

Malmö, Sweden

Here is the call for the events

And the Facebook event page

Dublin | May 15, 2011
Nakba Day Demo in solidarity with Palestinian people

Date: 29/04/2011 to 11/05/2011
The 2011 London Palestine Film Festival
Venue: The 2011 London Palestine Film Festival

London May 14, 2011: 12 Noon
Bust the Blockade with Barenboim
Assemble opposite Downing Street on Whitehall
Jews For Justice for Palestinians will be assembling with the banner outside Westminster tube station at 11.50

London | May 14, 2011 at noon
UK Protest at Downing Street to urge the UK government to take actions to stop Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine

London | May 15, 2011
Demonstration in Solidarity with Palestinian Third Intifada
Outside Israeli Embassy, London

Location: Special vigil in Bristol Center
Date: Sunday May 15, 2011
Time: All Day
Organised by Bristol PSC

Datum:      zaterdagmiddag 14 mei 2011, 14:00 uur
Plaats:       Singelkerk, Singel 452, Amsterdam-Centrum

Sunday, May 15 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Israëlische ambassade, Sterrewachtlaan 40 1180 Ukkel – Avenue de l’Observatoire 40 1180 Brussel (UCCLE)
http://act4palestine.blogspot.com/2011/04/belgium-brussels-demonstratie-in.html ( NL | EN | FR )

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011 12:00 – 15:00 Uhr | Sunday, 15 May 2011 12:00 – 15:00 clock
Ort: Israelische Botschaft | Israeli Embassy, Auguste-Viktoria-Str. 74-76 – 14193 Berlin
Massenkundgebung aus Solidarität mit Palästina | Mass rally in solidarity with Palestine


Saturday, May 14, 2011 – 11:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Frankfurt Central Station

Sunday, May 15, 2011 , 3-6 PM
Location: Israeli Embassy, Alpine Road
BERN Rally in solidarity with the 3rd Intifada

Sunday, May 15, 2011 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Embassy of Israel
Street: Via Michele Mercati 12 ,  Roma

In risposta alla chiamata del popolo Palestinese per una sommossa popolare il 15 maggio, manifesteremo dinanzi all’ambasciata Israeliana a Roma lo stesso giorno, in sostegno del popolo palestinese e per richiedere l’espulsione dell’ambasciatore Israeliano alla luce del continuo disprezzo d’Israele nei confronti il Diritto Internazionale!!!

In response to the call of the Palestinian people for a popular uprising on May 15, will demonstrate before the Israeli embassy in Rome the same day, in support of the Palestinian people and to demand the expulsion of Israel in the light of the continuing contempt of Israel against international law!

Sunday, May 15, 2011 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Rdv Dimanche 15 Mai à la Place de l’Opéra à Paris à 17h.
Dating Sunday, May 15 at Place de l’Opera in Paris at 17h.
The General Union of Palestinian Students in France commemorating the 63th anniversary of the Nakba (Catastrophe).

12, 13 i 15 de Maig: commemorem  la Nakba Palestina
És per això que durant els dies 12, 13 i 15 de Maig, la Coordinadora d’entitats catalanes “Amb Palestina al Cor” realitzarem una sèrie d’activitats per a commemorar la Naqba. Contacte per premsa: Berta Alarcó, Marta Molina 651 34 14 06


Announcements #Mar15 – Canada

Sunday, May 15, 2011 , 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Location: Métro Mont-Royal ,  470, av. du Mont-Royal Es

On MAY 15th of this year, thousands of Palestinian refugees, Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians and many others will participate in peaceful protest in Palestine in hope to end the violent Zionist Regimen of Israel’s occupation.
Montreal’s Palestinian Refugee Revolution

Protest| Palestinian Refugee Revolution| 63rd Anniversary- Nakba
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

William Nassar Protesting Concert May 15th
Sunday May 15th, 2011, 2pm at the Human Rights Monument, Ottawa
Artists against Apartheid

Protest in Solidarity with Palestinian Refugee Revolution 63rd Anniversary- Nakba
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Endorsed By:Canadian Arab Federation ,Canadian Boat to Gaza,Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid ,Educators for Peace ,Middle Eastern Student Association, Palestine House,Palestinian Cultural Association,Risalah Theatrical Group,Saudi Student Association Downtown,Students Against Israeli Apartheid,Toronto Coalition to Stop the War


Protest| Palestinian Refugee Revolution| 63rd Anniversary- Nakba| Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Canada Boat to Gaza supporters will join Sunday May 15 rally for Palestinian freedom in Vancouver, starting 1pm at Van Art Gallery


Wednesday, May 11th 2011 – screening begins at 7pm
Maison de la Culture Côte-des-Neiges
5290 Côte-des-Neiges
Bus 165 or Metro Côte-des-Neiges
free event. Donations are welcome.

Film screening: Kafer Kassem

Announcements #Mar15 – Africa

Sunday, May 15 at 12:00pm – May 16 at 5:00pm
Tunis, Rue de Liberté

Announcements #Mar15 – ASIA

Thursday, May 12, 2011
8:00 PM – 10:30 PM
BANGKOK Commemoration of Palestinian Nakba
at Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand (FCCT)

Announcements #Mar15 – USA

Sun, 05/15/2011 – 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Location : Piedmont Park: WPA Picnic Shelter Atlanta, GA

New York | May 15, 2011
Al-Nakba Rally for Right of Return

Sunday, May 15 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
CLEVELAND Protest supporting “The Third Intifadah” in Palestine!
TBD please stay tuned for updates from Al-Awda Cleveland

May 10   12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Palestinian Political Movements in Israel and Israeli Repression
The Palestine Center 2425 Virginia Ave, NW
Washington, DC  20037

Date: May 15, 2011 , 1 PM
Location: White House Washington  DC
For details about joining the march on the UN in NY on May 15, please contact: may15rally@gmail.com
Organised by the US Palestinian Community Network | PDF

Sunday, May 15, 2011 |  3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Location: Starbucks corner by the Galleria, Street: Post Oak Rd. Houston Texas
Flyer with contacts

Sunday, May 15, 2011 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Demonstration at Israeli Consulate
Location: Consulate General of Israel – Suite 1700 , Street: 6380 Wilshire blvd.
Demonstration at Israeli Consulate

Location: The Israeli Embassy in Miami
Sunday, May 15, 2011 , 1-4 PM
Street: 100 Biscayne Blvd

With the middle east amidst many political reforms and humanitarian uprisings, the Palestinian people have every right to claim their stolen land and the rest of their basic humanitarian needs. Egypt had a tyrannical ruler for 30 years, Libya 40 years, Tunis 32 years and the Palestinians have been deprived of their freedom for 63 years. It is time to put an end to this…

Sunday, May 15 · 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Organised by Orca Books
509 E 4th Ave. Olympia, WA

Date: Sunday, May 15, 2011, 6:00 pm
Location: Palestinian Cultural Center for Peace • 41 Quint Ave • Allston
Call Congress this week 202-224-3121. Tell them STOP U.S. aid that supports Israel’s siege on Gaza, illegal settlement building, and violations of International Law and the human rights of Palestinians.”

Remembering the Nakba – Celebrating Palestine.
Sunday, May 15, 2011,12 noon to 3pm,
North Steps, State Capitol, 11th & L, Sacramento

May 14: Saturday, May 14, 2011 6:30 PM
Nakba Commemoration in Michigan with Awad AbdelFattah, Noura Erakat & Helen Thomas
at Burton Manor, 27777 Schoolcraft, Livonia, MI 48150

May 15, 2011
AMP Bay Area Fundraiser
5748 Mowry School Rd
Newark, CA
American Muslims for Palestine invite you to its annual fundraising event:
Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi
Dr. Hatem Bazian
Dr. Osama Abuirshaid



Sunday, May 15 · 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Westlake Plaza, 4th & Pine, Seattle, WA
Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign www.stop30billion-seattle.org

Announcements #Mar15 – AUSTRALIA

Rally for Palestine – Remembering Al-Nakba
Friday 13 May   5.00 pm
Brisbane Square, top of Queen St mall (outside Casino)

14-15 May 2011
International guest speakers include Ms Ghada Abu Ghalyoun, representing the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions, based in Nablus, and Dr Ibrahim G. Aoudé, Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.


Facebook Page: RETURN TO PALESTINE | #May15

Facebook & Twitter Event:  WHEN I RETURN–A collective celebration of hope and promise | Starting May 14, 2011