Goodbye 2011

To a year that was good beyond imagination, I say thank you. 2011 was not any normal year that passes by, it’s a year when history was re-written. A year that for anyone who lived the events and changes it brought to us will never forget, I never thought or imagined I would witness revolutions sweeping the Middle East not even in my wildest dreams, apparently 2011 stated it was time for the change everyone was waiting for so long.
On a personal level 2011 had its ups and downs, it’s the year that changed my life, I started my blog, and found myself in writing, it’s the year I became active on twitter, it’s the year I met many people who inspired me, changed me, I had hope restored to me.

Thank you 2011 for being that great year we all were waiting for, but more importantly I want to thank the people who took their destinies in their hands, demanding their stolen rights, demanding the better living they deserve, thank you Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain for showing us what the simple citizen can do. Thank you you brave humans who refused to keep living in the shadows of life, thank you for bringing back to me the hope that I had lost. Thank you for proving the world wrong, that we are not a dead nation, that we are alive just like anyone else, that we are free, thank you from the future generations who will look back and realize that the freedom, democracy, and decent living they have, were nothing but the result of the sacrifices made during this year.

In 2011 the first refugee came back to Palestine though for a short period of time, but it proved that the right of return is nonnegotiable, and is not some fairy-tale, it proved to the world that 63 years later and we haven’t forgotten, it proved that Ben-Gurion who said that in two generations we will forget was wrong, it proved that the right of return will seize to being a dream and become a reality.

I hope that 2012 goes on the same tracks like its predecessor 2011, and becomes the year of Democracy for the countries that revolted, and to help the Syrians win their country back and remove the dictatorship that was established on their bodies.


The Imbaba incident

The Mina Mary Church burning in Imbaba

On the 25th of January the Egyptian revolution started. No one thought that this would end up removing the old rotten regime, and they surprised everyone. Everyone sat and watched the protests at the Tahrir square, and the stories of the Tahrir were amazing, so amazing that before the 25th it would have sounded like a fairytale.

Christians protected Muslims, Muslims protected Christians, everyone shared their possessions with the other in an atmosphere filled with love and care. It was the change we wanted to see in the new Egypt, but unfortunately this was not the case. Yesterday sectarian clashes broke out killing more than 11 people and injuring more than a 100, and why did this happen? It’s simple Salafis wanted the “kidnapped women” back.

Who are those Salafis anyway?

Salafis are those who follow the Prophet Muhammad and his companions known as Al-Sahaba and try to imitate their way of life. This way of thought was developed by Muslim theologian Muhammad ibn Abd Al Wahhab from Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabis/Salafis consider themselves to be ‘non-imitators’ or ‘not attached to tradition’, and therefore answerable to no school of law at all, observing instead what they would call the practice of early Islam. They are sponsored by Saudi Arabia, and since Mecca and Medina are there this gives great influence on Muslim culture and thinking.

What happened yesterday in Imbaba?

No one knows what really happened there, it all started with a rumor that a Coptic woman converted to Islam to marry a Muslim, but was abducted by the church and was held there against her will. Then 4000 Salafis decided to protest there, hours later shops and cafes owned by Christians were attacked, a church on fire, and someone shooting people. The army and police arrived later to gain control over the situation.

Whose benefiting from this?

It’s hard to say, too many parts maybe involved in this but we’ll try to cover as much as we can. With all of the protests sweeping the Arab World, some regimes may wish to scare the other Arabs fighting for freedom by pointing to Egypt and warn the people that this is what’s going to happen to you if you oust us. Syria for example could be a part considering the protests and the violent response from the government, and their claim that Islamic Organizations are the ones behind all of this, will point out to Egypt as a way to support its claims.

Countries with a possibility to witness protests – Saudi Arabia, for instance, knowing its influence on the salafis, could be a major player in all of this. and knowing its influence on Salafis could be a major player in all of this, and since Saudi Arabia is a US puppet we know that there’s a good chance the US is running things to prevent Egypt from going back to its natural place leading the Arab nations. Of course if the US is involved then Israel too, which would be perfect in this puzzle.

The Solution

Egypt should be a secular civil state, to prevent such situations from happening again. The Egyptians should protect their revolution, because it was the best thing to happen in this region after Tunisia’s revolution. Egypt should be the role model for all nations looking for freedom, our message to the Egyptian people is love each other, don’t fall in the trap. Another Kamilia means another deadly clash, freedom of religion is essential but the attack on the minorities is not the solution, this should be made clear to everyone especially the Salafis.