Let’s not forget the 15th of May

The 15th of May, a day that is known to the Palestinians as Al-Nakba (The Catastrophe). On that day hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to leave their homes, their possessions, their memories behind them and run for their lives. Some were kicked out by the Zionist militias such as the Haganah, Stern, or the Palmach, and some simply left out of fear for their lives but they were forbidden to return.

Those who stayed suffered from the martial law that was imposed upon them, forbidding them from many rights including the right to move freely, and the army didn’t hesitate to kill those who defied the curfew that was imposed after the 1948 war, such as the Kafr Qasim massacre, that resulted in the death of 48 Arab civilians, including 6 women and 23 children aged 8–17.

This year amongst the Arab Spring calls have risen for a true peaceful revolution on the 15th of May. These calls suggest that all the Palestinian refugees attend demonstrations on the borders their countries share with Israel, these calls also asks the people to try and break into the border if they can, if such a thing happens this could be the first serious attempt to march in thousands to the land they were kicked out from.

The right of return is sacred no one has the right to give that up, this will show both Israel and those accept the partial solutions (the PLO and Hamas) that the right of return will not die. It maybe a dream but someday will come true, and that day is close.


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