Gaddafi played all his cards in one go

The king of kings? Or the king of capital punishment?

Today in Gaddafi’s speech, he played all his cards in one go. He threatened the people with violence (as if violence was not used until now),  then he started talking about conspiracy theories, that this revolution is organized by foreign intelligence agencies (Westernand Arab ones). We believe that Gaddafi is trying a psychological warfare agaist the people, by warning them of a possible civil war at one time, then of radical Islam at another. Everyone can notice that Gaddafi is trembling and shaking, one of these signs is the not so well staged speech.

Gaddafi pretended to be talking to the Libyan crowds, and calling them to be stop clapping so he can continue his speech, funny thing is that we couldn’t hear anyone clapping or chanting, and the cameraman didn’t even bother to give us a glance at these crowds. Another thing we noticed a side from his hilarious figure, his shaking hands, drinking water every once in a while, and the excessive repeating of subjects, especially when he claimed that the revolutionaries were drug addicted youth encouraged by the mentioned above foreign intelligence agencies and radical Islam. Gaddafi who is known for his wild imagination said these “hateful elements” were trying to convert “the great” Libya into a copycat of Afghanistan. He also tried to justify his actions against the Libyans with what Boris Yeltsin the late Russian president did when the Russian Duma went on strike.

One of the evidences that Gaddafi is far from being sane, his endless talk about himself being “the true revolutionary”, mentioning capital punishment around fifty times and on various issues most of these crimes are specially designed to protect this failing regime and prevent anything that has to do with human rights, calling Libya the leader of the nations and continents starting from Asia and ending in Latin America, and his talk about himself being a Libyan war hero, patriot, and the caring leader.

It is crystal clear that regime is one step away from falling with Col. Gaddafi and his sons on board, and we wish to express our great support to the Libyan revolution, and also our deepest condolences to the families of those who fell in this revolution.


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